Presenting Momo…

…not the dumpling but a new tangle inspired by the dumpling. Deconstructing this tangle has been on each one of my to-do lists seemingly forever. Now that I’m finally caught up on the Inktober tangles and the swaps, I was able to get this done today. Actually now that I think about it, maybe the fact that I have more than one todo list is the actual problem…Anyway, without much ado, here’s Momo.


I was happy to discover that Momo works well as a central focus tangle (Black sample tile), a border tangle (as in the white sample tile with two ways of ‘stacking’ the individual momos), and as fragments like so…



The shading and enhancement opportunities are many. Here are some ideas to try out:

  • Add a lot more lines with sparkles in step 4
  • Fill black in alternate sections created in Step 4 (with or without sparkle)
  • Rounding works well (as in the black sample tile)
  • Start with a V, a curved V or an asymmetrical shape in step 1
  • To shade the sections in step 4, use a gradient of greys going from one end to the other
  • Skip step 4 and fill the space with tipple, aquafleur, flux or even static, shattuck or hibred or maybe florz, printemps, or tripoli! The possibilities are many, limited only by my imagination and my inability to remember the names of all those beautiful tangles out there.
  • I have a sneaky feeling that many a lovely meta-patterns will emerge by simply changing the arrangement of the fragments

I do hope you’ll enjoy this tangle as much as I do. Happy Tangling!!!

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