2018: A New Year Indeed

I have been away from the Zentangle world for months now. I felt drained, like all my creativity had been sucked out of me.  I had no inspiration or motivation left. After my last blog post, Linda suggested in a comment that I take the time to do something else…to recharge (a big thanks to you!).  I decided to stop beating myself up about not tangling more. I decided to allow myself to take as much time as I needed to recharge (guilt-free).

Although I started the year with a sick week, I chose to not let it bring me down. I choose to believe that this was my eat-the-frog way of starting the year.  So, I started meditating (almost) everyday, which has helped me tremendously with the frequency and intensity of my migraines.  I started intermittent fasting and joined some fitness classes at the local community center.  3 pounds down, 57 more to go!




I built a DVD storage shelf and  some origami air-plant holders for the living room.




Yarn Carrier


I took up knitting again after a break of some 5-odd years. I made up a super-easy bag pattern to ease myself into it. I hope to make some time soon to write up the pattern and share it on ravelry…

And I started the bullet journal.

I also started studying for an Autodesk Certification.  I completed my B.A. in Visual Effects and Animation about 3 years ago and had almost forgotten how much I loved 3D Modeling.  So to brush up my skills and (hopefully) find a job doing what I enjoy a lot, I need to focus and get this done.

Meanwhile, to stay in touch with Zentangle (which I also love just as much), I will try and complete 1 ZIA a month.  Since I took all of January figuring my life out and getting organized, I will end up with eleven ZIAs this year (optimistically).  I will try and fit the 12th one in there somewhere. But I’m not going to obsess over it. I’ll take it one day at a time and do how much ever I can.  For now this is all the wisdom, composure and practicality I can muster up thanks to a book I’m currently reading: Buddhism Plain and Simple . It’s a wonderful book and I would highly recommend it if you’re into that kind of thing 🙂





Am I ready…

…to come back from my long hiatus? I seem to have lost the motivation to put pen to paper. It’s been over a month and I want to draw but at the same time, I don’t want to draw. I don’t know what has changed. But hopefully I’ll break out of this state of mind sooner than later. I have so many projects in mind and my list keeps growing. The longer the list grows, the more I seem to feel parched. Have any of you felt this way? What do you do if and when this happens?

Presenting Momo…

…not the dumpling but a new tangle inspired by the dumpling. Deconstructing this tangle has been on each one of my to-do lists seemingly forever. Now that I’m finally caught up on the Inktober tangles and the swaps, I was able to get this done today. Actually now that I think about it, maybe the fact that I have more than one todo list is the actual problem…Anyway, without much ado, here’s Momo.


I was happy to discover that Momo works well as a central focus tangle (Black sample tile), a border tangle (as in the white sample tile with two ways of ‘stacking’ the individual momos), and as fragments like so…



The shading and enhancement opportunities are many. Here are some ideas to try out:

  • Add a lot more lines with sparkles in step 4
  • Fill black in alternate sections created in Step 4 (with or without sparkle)
  • Rounding works well (as in the black sample tile)
  • Start with a V, a curved V or an asymmetrical shape in step 1
  • To shade the sections in step 4, use a gradient of greys going from one end to the other
  • Skip step 4 and fill the space with tipple, aquafleur, flux or even static, shattuck or hibred or maybe florz, printemps, or tripoli! The possibilities are many, limited only by my imagination and my inability to remember the names of all those beautiful tangles out there.
  • I have a sneaky feeling that many a lovely meta-patterns will emerge by simply changing the arrangement of the fragments

I do hope you’ll enjoy this tangle as much as I do. Happy Tangling!!!

A Tile a Day Keeps Insanity Away

There are good days and then there are days I’m not so thrilled about.  On my good days, everything is great. I have slept through the night and I am full of energy. I get things done like a pro. But on those other days…the ones I’m not super thrilled about, I just want to curl up in a corner and stay there till it’s bedtime again.

Up until recently, my strategy for those days was to do as little as possible and just wait for the day to end.  But, much to my delight, I came to the realization that I possess an amazing superpower.  Now whenever a blah day rears its ugly head, I whip out my secret weapons – a Bijou tile, a pen, pencil and tortillon.  I take a deep breath and put pen to paper. Well…what can I say except Zentangle Zindabad!!!

Much to my delight, I discovered Inktober Tangles this year and I am absolutely loving it so far.  I decided to do the challenges on Bijou tiles. It’s a lot less space to fill , a lot less time consuming and as a result a lot less reason to procrastinate.  There were a couple of prompt lists floating around on the myriad Facebook Zentangle groups that I am now a part of.  I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to follow. So I combined the first two lists that I stumbled upon to create little bijou duotangles.  Here’s a collection, which will be updated with new tiles every week, of my InktoberTangles2017 tiles – a tile a day for all of October..

UPDATE: As you can see, I am playing catch-up with Inktober Tangles. I have 2 more tiles to go and I’ll (hopefully) have it done by tomorrow.


पंखा (Pankha)…

Here’s another one of my tangles, Pankha, which translates to fan in Hindi. It reminds me of one of those ancient ceiling fans with the palm leaf blades.

I haven’t yet put the step outs into my template and I’m still working on the sample tiles. I finished one but ruined it because I tried to rush it. Now, everybody knows there’s no rushing the zentangle process. It just doesn’t work that way. So I will just have to redo the tile when I have more time. I will update this post soon with the step outs and tiles on the template. Until then, here is an image of it from my tangle journal…


I hope you like this tangle and enjoy drawing it as much as I do. Happy tangling!!!


It’s strange how memory works. Sometimes the most unlikely things take you back in time. A smell or a texture. Sometimes its just a tangle. I don’t remember how I came up with this tangle but as soon as I finished drawing it, I thought of our time in Shanghai. I found that strange for all of a split second and then I saw why. It looked exactly like a Chinese knotted button. The kind I collected when we lived in Shanghai about 5 years ago. So, here are the step-outs for Button.

ButtonStepoutsI like how it evolves. I love how it can be used as a border tangle, filler, or a central focus point. I love how many possibilities there are with this tangle. Shade it, Fill it with other tangles, play with the arches in step 4 and 5, or use it as a string. The choices are many…


Tangled in a single row: as in a border


I’ve been playing around with the elemental strokes a little bit. It’s always exciting to see what these simple strokes can create.  So, I’ve been journaling the step-outs for what I think are my original tangles.  However, I feel it is impossible to know.  Just because there are way too many tangles out there. For now, here’s a tile I did using only my own tangles. From top to bottom, the tangles used are Pullthru, Button, C-rendepity, Momo, Zari and C-rendepity’s cousin, 25.