Onward and Upward

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a perfectionist. I’m starting to see how that is actually not something to be proud of. More often than not, perfectionism is detrimental to my well- being. It is what kept me from completing the 100 day challenge. The minute I feel behind, I felt like a failure and I gave up. Thanks to certain recent events in my life, I’ve decided to try and put an end to this self defeating behavior. So here are 6 more bookmarks I made for Ka. Stay tuned for more.

Playing Catch Up

IThe 100 day project has just begun and I have already fallen off the wagon.  That’s okay.  I intend to catch up and here’s day 2/100, 3/100, 4/100 and 5/100.  More catch up bookmarks to come over the next few days. Until then…


The 100 Day Project

Life’s been a roller coaster lately and I have struggled with finding motivation and the drive to do anything. Last summer I was diagnosed with long-term depression, anxiety and PTSD.  I had always had my doubts but never really got diagnosed until now.  I guess I am glad to finally be getting the help I need although it is a long and painful journey and I have more than my fair share of those days when it’s all I can do to keep myself from falling apart.

The hardest part for me has been to come to the realization that my default state of constant misery is not the norm. That is not how all human beings go through life.  I honestly never knew that it is a possibility to not be in constant pain.  I assumed that everybody around me is just as miserable as I am, they just won’t talk about it and so I mustn’t either. Now that I have been let in on this well kept secret, I am desperately looking forward to the day when I will be able to just relax, without feeling panic, anxiety or pain.  When I will be able to plop myself down in front of the TV or curl up with a nice book and not have my heart race, my mind worry and my body fidget.  Until then, I will continue to fight.  Because I can be adamant like that sometimes.  I believe this is one of those rare scenarios where my adamance and obstinacy might actually work out in my favour.  Until then, I am going to try and be kind to myself.

To help me in this healing process, I decided that I needed to dedicate a little more time on things that make me truly happy.  Tangling is one of the obvious choices here and so, I have signed up for the 100 Day Project.  Starting 2nd April 2019, I will be doing 100DaysOfBookmarks, 100DaysOfHealth (what could be kinder than nourishing myself with healthy food and regular exercise) and 100DaysofPhotographingOrdinaryThings.  01-I'mDoing



Mooka Mania

I love playing around with tangles and experimenting with tangleations. Presenting Mooka. This Zendala is a tile I worked on a while ago with each instance of Mooka ending up like half a pokeleaf.


This is a traditional Mooka in combination with Shattuck.  I was mainly trying to work on my shading skills here and I think I did a reasonably decent job of it.


This is another tangleation of Mooka and I particularly like this one.  my goal is to learn to do gems and then do a tile with gems in place of these orbs.


More Waybop from Way Back

I just realized that I never followed up on my waybop journey.  I did work on a few more tiles but somehow neglected to post the pics here. Life’s been a bit of a roller coaster for a while now and I am just in the process of getting it together and learning to take control.  Anyway, here are the tiles I worked on long ago but forgot to share with you…